The Average Cost of Tree Removal: Don’t Get Stumped on Costs in Toronto

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? Although we can’t give you an exact price, we can give you an idea of what it may cost to remove your tree. The condition, size, diameter, and location of your tree will determine the cost. The Average Cost for Twin Cities Tree Removal is Between $300 – $2,500. A simple rule of thumb: the bigger the tree, the more it will cost. A 25-foot tree will cost around $100-$500. A tree between 25-75 feet will cost around $200 – $1000. A 75-foot tree can cost up to $1,500 or more. Other Factors That Go into Tree Removal Price:

best cost for tree removals in toronto ontario

The price can range anywhere from $100 to $1,500 depending on extra services and costs. If the company can easily access your tree. The removal can be tough if your tree is close to other things. Some companies determine the price of removal by the height of the tree. Example: A 30-foot tree at a price $11 per foot would cost around $330. If your tree is in a tricky place, the price may be higher because it will be more work.

Emergency tree removal may cost more due to the danger and quick response time of the job. Keep in mind, you may be able to get money for your wood. The best time to remove a tree is in their dormant season, which is February or March. What equipment they can use for the job affects cost too. The removal will be cheaper if they can use a bucket truck.

Average Stump Removal Cost

The average cost for stump removal in the twin cities is around $200 to $300. The job takes around 2 hours.

Stump removal prices can vary from $50-$300 per stump or $2-$3 dollars per inch of diameter.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Stump Removal:

    • Diameter of stump

    • Age of the tree

    • Type of soil

    • Type of tree

    • Root system

    • The health of the stump

    • How many stumps

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