Unsightly trees are absolutely no fun. If a tree has broken or perhaps even fallen over completely, it becomes a huge eyesore for the whole neighbourhood and community. Even worse, is when a big, violent storm hits and once it’s over, there are a whole host of broken and fallen trees that need to be taken care of immediately. Especially in a city like Toronto, where homes are close and condensed, and there are neighbourhoods and businesses alike all over the place, the removal of these trees becomes a top priority after a storm hits.

If the fallen tree is on your own property, it then becomes your responsibility to have it removed, hence why there are plenty of great emergency tree removal services spread out among Toronto that will come to your aid as soon as you need it. Toronto has been a popular spot for some vicious storms lately too. What with the combination of dry conditions and higher temperatures, a good number of tree problems have arisen. Both high winds and heavy ice can be easy culprits.

Trees that have simply fallen over aren’t the only thing you should be concerned with, however. A storm may knock some over, but if it leaves any standing there may be severe damage done to them. Many services will offer general damage assessment as well as repair services, should a certain tree be damaged but salvageable. There is also the issue of trees that may have fallen onto a parked car, a fence, garages, or even your house. They may have broken windows, doors, or gates. Things like these can pose some serious health and safety issues, which absolutely need to be addressed immediately. That is why the existence of 24/7 emergency tree removal services are so great, as opposed to general tree services which operate under limited business hours.

You want to be careful which service you choose however, as you want them to do the job right. You want to make sure that the staff are both trained and professional, have experience, and know what they are doing. They need to be fast, precise, and confident in their abilities. This is one reason why the internet is such a great thing – finding a good company is easier than ever. A simple google search of a company you are considering should bring up some information, testimonials, and reviews. The problem is… if you are facing a potentially dangerous emergency situation, you need to find someone immediately. It may be a good idea to do some research and get some recommendations before anything actually happens. This way you can have a number or two on hand that you can call at a moment’s notice, and still be confident that you are getting great service.

Emergency situations can and will happen to anyone, but it is also a good idea to be prepared. Some simple actions and tree maintenance on your part can actually prevent serious and disastrous damage to your home and property should a storm hit your town. If there is a very old tree on your property that is already weak and falling over, perhaps consider having it removed preemptively, so that storm isn’t the one to pull it from the ground and have it land on your car, for example. Even if your trees are young and/or healthy, regular trimming and branch thinning can be a good idea. Even if a tree has strong and healthy roots, that won’t necessarily stop some high winds from pulling its branches off, which can be equally dangerous and damaging. Another good idea is to do some bracing and cabling. If you have a young or small tree that is still growing and not yet at its full strength, giving it some extra support and assistance may just be what it needs to survive a storm and stay standing.

Whatever your situation may be, whether you have some regular maintenance you would like performed, or you want to be prepared should you require some emergency services, it is important to do your research. Many companies may offer both day-to-day and emergency services, but make sure you are picking the right company. A tree removal gone wrong can cause damage in itself, as well as potential injury.